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Have a Beautiful Day! byTheresaElmore

Alright, It is January, 2018 ~ Hard to Believe, Right! New Year, New Decisions! This Year will be Exciting for me and I am Starting Nutrition School beginning in March of this Year. Super Duper Excited! Have been wanting to do this for 3 years now and finally it is going to happen. One Reason why I am so Excited is because I want to Help Myself so I may Help Others. As a Pro Cosmetologist, I see so many People who suffer from everyday chronic ailments that can be cured by changing some habits and by utilizing food, minerals, supplements & movemnt to heal. It is always Best to try this approach first before committing to an unhappy existence with chronic problems and constant prescription taking. There is a place for doctors and scripts but not all of the time and not for every person on the planet. With a bit of solid Education and Understanding, these types of problems can be dealt with and Life can get better for most anyone.

I Love the Principle of the Primary Foods Concept initiated by Joshua Rosenthaal where he describes Happiness and Health as being congruent with Your 1)Career, 2)Relationships, 3)Physical Activity (not necessarily a gym addict – walking, biking, golfing, gardening and/or the gym with weights/cardio) and 4)Spirituality. Once these areas are cared for 1st and foremost, Food is the component that enhances and Blesses the Other areas making the Food Choices Better to match the Good Life One has Created. Pretty Cool, Huh?

After being in the Salon Industry for 32 Years, I am glad to say my Approach to hair and Beauty is “Where INternal Beauty becomes EXternal Gorgeous” and with that I offer Vegan hair Products, Healthy ways to Color or Lighten One’s Hair as well as Precision Haircuts and to Help Answer any Questions a Person might have regarding Healthier Ideas and Choices for his/her Life.

So the Journey Begins……I will be able to legitimately speak about Health Concerns and accept Clients this coming Fall/Winter

Wednesday November 8th, 2017

Please Visit Dr. Glenn Harrison (Functional Medicine Doctor) & Myself at:

9035 Wadsworth Pkwy, Westminster, CO 80021

from 6pm – 7pm

We will be sharing Information regarding Thyroid Disorder & Solutions for Thinning Hair & Hair Loss.

Dr. Glenn is well versed in Thyroid Dysfunction

I have been in the Hair Industry for 33 Years & have Trained Hairdressers across the Country.

I also have Thinning Hair & I’m continually looking for Solutions to help Others as well as Myself regarding the Beauty & Health Frustrations Women face.

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