21449_10200947930453539_328356420_n   Hello and Welcome! Thank You for coming to visit my website.  I feel like a picture speaks more than words at times especially when it comes to the craft of hair.  Therefore, I have posted many pictures so You can get a feel for what I’m about and what I represent within the Beauty Industry. I have been in the Beauty Industry for 30 years as a Cosmetologist and on the Manufacturing side for 15 years representing ISO (1yrs) & Aquage/Biomega (14yrs) Teaching, Educating & Mentoring Hairstylists across the United States.  Hard to believe I have been to every state except one – Alaska. I need to work on that 🙂 My Goal as a Hairstylist & Beauty Professional is to bring out the Soul and Spirit of a person and showcase that on the outside. No matter what the taste – Classic, Sporty, Punky, Trendy, etc.  This is where a thorough Consultation between You & Myself makes all of the difference.  


to be contd.


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