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Part of the Beauty Portfolio are the Decisions that are made to Be Your Best SELF!

As a Holistic Hairdresser these are the key Statements I think of as how to develop Your Own PORTFOLIO ~ “Where INternal Beauty becomes EXternal Gorgeous?”

How can I Love Myself more?

How can I Enjoy My Life’s Work as My Job?

How can I Enjoy My Job more?

Should I consider Changing My Job?

How can I Enjoy My Free Time doing just what I Love to do?

How can I Create Meaningful Relationships?

What can I do to Improve My Thinking?

How May I Choose Happiness over Negativity?

How May I Improve My Perceptions in the World?

How May I Love Other Unconditionally”

How can I Help Others More?

How can I Move My Body more?

In What way would I Prefer to Move My Body more?

How can I See the Things about Myself that I could Improve Upon?

How can I Give More?

How can I Thank More?

How can I BE a Bigger Blessing to Myself and Others?

How can I Explore My Creation More?

How do I Explore My Spirit Life?

How May I Improve My Spirit Life?

Do I Allow Myself Quiet Uninterrupted Time?

How May I Schedule More Quiet Time each Day?

How can I Learn something New that I haven’t Tried before?

How can I Engage more with Others?

How can I Listen Better?

How can I Show Appreciation More?

How can I Choose Products that Heal my Body INternally?

How can I Choose Products that Care for My Skin and Hair Gently?

What are the Special Attributes about Me that make Me Unique?

How can I Appreciate My Gifts?

What Might My Purpose Be in this Life?

When I find My Purpose in Life, How May I Bless Others with My Burning Desire?

In What way do I Think and Believe I am Beautiful? (Not by Media or Societal Standards)

How may I Feel More?

What makes Me Feel Amazing?

What Unhealthy Habits could Serve Me Well to Eliminate from My Life?

Are Unhealthy Habits Slowing Me down?

Are Unhealthy Habits keeping Me from Achieving My Dreams or Goals?

Are Unhealthy Habits keeping Me Stuck? Preventing Me from Moving Forward?


TEXT ME AT 615-869-9271  and let me know any Great Questions You would like to Ask or that I could ADD to this Page.

Have a Glorious Beautiful Day Rediscovering Yourself Everyday and Feel the Warmth in Your Heart Expand! XO








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