Westminster Hair Stylist – Part 1 – What is GLOW Portfolio?

What does it mean to have a GLOW or to be GLOWing?

Does it come natural?

Is it Internal or External?

Is it a Genetically attractive body or face?

Is it Happiness?

Is it Bliss?

Is it Purpose?

Most of all, are we born with it?

And does it take work?


Wow, a lot to consider…

I believe it is all the above.

However, I believe in our lives we may have had it as an innocent unapologetic child, lost it and as an adult we try desperately to gain it back again.

This is, if we are paying attention and become aware of how we can have an Internal GLOW that shows up on the outside Externally.

What I mean by this is:

Let’s take a Mom-to-be who exudes that so called GLOW while expecting her baby.

The presumption here is that the pregnancy is not wrapped around pain or an unusual discourse of how she got to be expecting in the 1st place.

But, a mother who is excited, not sure, doesn’t know what to expect or experience, but is enlightened by the fact there is a “creating” and a “creation” that has taken place.

Mom is feeling powerful knowing that she has full responsibility to help manifest this beautiful being to a day of labor.

The progression gives her purpose about how she will manage herself and her baby at the same time while on this short journey before bringing another Being into the world.

Her excitement and expectation exudes from the inside out.

All pistons are firing as her body nourishes and protects her baby.

Her surroundings are also excited for her as well.

Family, Friends and even strangers compliment, support & await the gift!


I do believe most of us have seen what this GLOW looks like in & on another person.

However, do we nourish and recognize it within ourselves, by ourselves?

Do we anticipate GLOWing comments from others to feel good?

Or does the GLOW come from deep within us regardless of other’s words or another’s presence?


Here is another example,

The “light” GLOW of a person walking into a room with a sense of self and worth but not necessarily the most attractive or beautiful person by global standard. (Beauty is still in the eye of the beholder) Yet, something is drawing you in.

This person’s presence is inviting, warm, loving and fun


The person who has an unusual aura, maybe it is “darker”, the feeling of an uncomfortable vibe…whether a good-looking person or not… something doesn’t feel right.

There is usually a distance between this person and others.

Many times this person might potentially blame the condition of the distance on others without taking personal responsibility for the problem.

An immature internal state undeveloped or damaged… regardless of the hotness of this person, it is not warm and inviting.

Sometimes flattery or funny jokes can hide the Inner mechanics of someone.

However, eventually the truth will come out, the facade cannot be maintained over a long course of time


So now…. What am I talking about?

In a world spinning at a fast pace, a to do list quite long, with hours clicking faster than we are able to hang on to, it is very difficult to find time to cultivate the Self and nurture the Inner GLOW we ALL have as a Woman, Man or Child, so that it can be seen on the outside of us, Externally.

Living Beautifully Internally and Externally is our Birthright and brings more yummy goodness to Us.

In a realistic world, this GLOW I’m talking about is not with us 24/7.

It can be exhausting.

It’s NOT about perfection.

It is about Authenticity!

Be who You are meant to be without apology by Your own development, understanding and growth.

There is pain in this discovery and also a letting go of what cannot be controlled.

It is difficult to ask for what we want and what we need.

It is definitely a Journey

GLOWing is being truthful with yourself and others about what your life gracefully means

Many of us hear and see words and pictures over-stimulating us from every direction of how we ought to be,


WE are ALL Beautifully Unique!

Unique is not always popular but it is necessary as in our Uniqueness is our Gift to the world.



We sometimes without realizing it, work very hard to be the same and copy each other’s looks, clothes, status, body types

…losing our Uniqueness in the process.


So, How did GLOW come to me in this way?

I have been in the beauty industry over 25 years.

As a woman, I have seen many variations of beauty, which has been Wonderful!

And at the same time struggled with my own definition of what Beautiful really is.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the people I have been most drawn to are not necessarily esthetically (Externally) Beautiful, but the people I really lean into are Internally Beautiful.


While developing Your Inner GLOW from within by finding your Purpose, finding your Bliss, finding what Motivates you, finding a Cause, Creating a Dream, Fulfilling a Goal, Being Philanthropic, Spending Time quietly doing nothing – just BEING, Creating Ease, Loving Unconditionally, Finding Forgiveness, etc. seems the most worthwhile…

It is just as important to take care of the External as well.  Walk, Run, Jog, Cycle, Throw things (not at others, lol), Pull Things, Jump Up, Jump Down, Move, Wiggle, Dance, Exert, Breathe Heavy, Pump the Blood, get the bloody juices flowing,

Experience the invigorating awe of nature and your surroundings.

Many of us find it difficult to do both!  Why?

It takes awareness, diligence, resolve and a goal.

We usually lean to one side (Internal) or the other (External).

It takes an un-obsessed disciplined cognitive person to manage both sides successfully!

However, what a lovely goal 🙂

We are conflicted – which comes first?  The Beautiful Body or the Beautiful Soul?

In Becoming Our Beautiful Selves,

It takes both Internal and External worthwhile work to feel absolutely Amazing and Unstoppable.

Inner and Outer work together in tandem.

Many times what is going on Internally gets exposed on the outside visually.

Finding a balance and working on both without being excessive in either area is key.

Inner – out of control – becomes too psychological and over-analytical

External – out of control – becomes physical obsession for perfection or an unhealthy state of uncare.





I realize where I am (in this moment) as I have been concentrating on my Internal workings for some time now.

However, I must spend a good amount of time working now on my External.

Not out of ego but for good health and to create a Congruency with my Inner and my Outer together as a team to bring my Gift to the world.

It just becomes more believable, authentic and relatable maybe even duplicable for others.

Have you ever tried to go to a gym to get the unhealthiest looking person working with you?

It’s incongruent, not believable or attainable.

Also, not as Inspirational as hoped

To BE Authentic is to be your Best Truthful Self while you are Overcoming and Becoming better everyday (not perfection, just being a student of life)

A GLOW should not be over-worked it should just secrete and exude Beautifully and somewhat naturally without a goal to influence, but to just BE!

BE Uniquely Beautiful and Un-Comparable to anyone else.

Being confident in who you are and your gift to the world.


GLOW is new and a work in progress.

It is a never-ending learning experience and journey.

GLOW adapts and continues to grow and never arrives to a final destination.


Please take the time to recognize the GLOW in another person and bring it to his/her attention.

Sometimes, we don’t realize Who we are and What we have to offer until it is brought to our attention to work on and work through.

I look forward to seeing how GLOW grows.


I will explain later what “Portfolio” means

Thank you for your time and attention!


to GLOW is where

Internal Beauty Becomes External Gorgeous


…there is a world out there wanting to experience & See Your Gift!


Theresa M. Elmore

About GLOW Portfolio Studio Salon and NutriGLOW

A 33 Year Veteran of the Cosmetology Profession. 17 Years Traveling around the Country Teaching & Training Professionals in the Industry. Love Cutting Love Colouring, Balayage High Lights & Low Lights Love Talking about Nutrition & Wellness. Beginning Nutrition Certification this Year 2018. I'm a Holistic Hairdresser to Aid in Maintaining The Health & Wellness of Scalp & Hair Integrity. And if You would Like to Chat about Nutrition Consultations 1-1's, I'll begin taking Clients around the Fall 2018. Other Loves: * Live Music * Reading Books (especially Nutrition) * Wine Tastings * Family, Friends & Fellowship * Our Holy God/Trinity
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