Westminster Hair Stylist – Part 2 – What is GLOW Portfolio?

The last blog I wrote explained what GLOW of GLOW Portfolio means to me and how the name was created.  This time I would like to finish those thoughts off by explaining how I came up with the Portfolio portion of the name.

 This all started with trying to imagine the name of the entity, and what I was trying to create.

Names are difficult.  It had to have meaning to me, and I wasn’t sure if it would be one word, two words, etc.  I had no idea.

 There is definitely something miraculous that happens at a certain time in the morning for me.

A sort of half awake half asleep phase that is a beautiful window of discovery.

I went to sleep the evening before with the initial thought on my mind.

In the morning, as I was waking up, there it was in my head.  This name GLOW Portfolio.

I pondered it for a moment, only a very short moment, because I liked it.

I enjoyed the way it sounded and also knew instantly there was a lot of room for interpretation when trying to define what GLOW Portfolio is and what it can also become.

 As I have stated before, I have been in the Beauty Industry for almost 30 years.

Wow, that sounds like a crazy long time.

In that time, I have seen many guests and clients come through many doors in various cities and also while working in three different states – Illinois, Tennessee and now Colorado.

This does not include the many cities I have visited while teaching and training other Beauty Specialists across the United States.

After, thinking about it, I realized there are only a few places “in” the US I have not visited throughout my travels – Alaska, Montana and Puerto Rico.

With all of that being recognized, what I have understood is that most people face the same things daily no matter where He or She lives.

Professions, Home Life, Social Life, Contributory Events or Community.

We all are basically doing the same things despite location, landscape or weather conditions.

Please check out Esther Honig’s experiment on different cultures’ interpretations of beauty while photoshopping her image below (click image to see results).

GLOW Blog Ester Honig

My goal for GLOW of GLOW Portfolio is to dig deep and pull out of a person that inner part that shines through everything.  Shines through circumstance, external appearance and expectations.

To find deep down what a person really desires in his or her heart of hearts and bring that to the surface.

I truly believe if a person is Living in this Divine Inner Space it comes out in everything he or she does whether working hard or playing hard.

There is a sense that this person is doing the right thing at the right time with the right people bringing about an Inner Joy and a Living in the Moment kind of Feeling.

It has taken me a long time to realize that Living in the Moment enjoying and savoring each experience is a Gift.  I get a choice every minute of how I should spend it.  An Inner Truth that I choose to listen to and as much as possible Allowing My Needs and Intentions to be met without violating or offending others.

With Tact and Polite Courtesy it really is not that difficult to say what you need to say, like it used to be.  It is actually very authentic and very honest which I believe most people can appreciate.

Part of Living one’s own Truth, though, is to discover what that really is and what it means to you.

Many folks are so busy with Life Stuff that they don’t sit down to understand or define what their life’s truth means and how to get there.

 The GLOW is in the description of what that might look like, sound like or feel like.

The Portfolio is in the mapping plan of how to make it happen.

The Portfolio is a collection of ideas, wishes, dreams, suggestions, pictures and possibilities…

…to begin a Journey to a thoughtful destination (not really a final destination, but an ever evolving place) it is important to lay down a temporary, changeable if necessary, map or guide to get onto the path and begin taking steps forward to an interesting exciting journey of self-discovery and manifesting the deeper part of the heart and soul.

This is What GLOW Portfolio is all about.  My goal is to help open the door and begin creating the map.

Who knows what can be discovered and found on this Journey and that is why it is so exciting.

Sometimes we think we know who we are, however, sometimes we don’t realize how much we have changed what we thought we knew about ourselves.

Sometimes, it is quite important to STOP, Listen and Write down without holding back our ultimate desires.

True Expression of what the possibilities could be without any limitations.

It is your Life, Your Journey, Your Dream and it’s up to You how much you want to Discover, Participate and Reveal to yourself and the world around you.

 GLOW Portfolio – The Goal to find out who you really are from the Inside Out.

It is where Internal Beauty Becomes External Gorgeous


Theresa M. Elmore

About GLOW Portfolio Studio Salon and NutriGLOW

A 33 Year Veteran of the Cosmetology Profession. 17 Years Traveling around the Country Teaching & Training Professionals in the Industry. Love Cutting Love Colouring, Balayage High Lights & Low Lights Love Talking about Nutrition & Wellness. Beginning Nutrition Certification this Year 2018. I'm a Holistic Hairdresser to Aid in Maintaining The Health & Wellness of Scalp & Hair Integrity. And if You would Like to Chat about Nutrition Consultations 1-1's, I'll begin taking Clients around the Fall 2018. Other Loves: * Live Music * Reading Books (especially Nutrition) * Wine Tastings * Family, Friends & Fellowship * Our Holy God/Trinity
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